Canvas, Metal, or Acrylic? Choosing a Wall Art Finish

Creating custom wall art for your favorite rooms is a fun and creative way to preserve the moments that inspire you. You also want to design original pieces that fit your style and décor, so there are some decisions to be made. But the process doesn’t have to be stressful. This is where you get to add extra flair and personality to your décor with wonderful wall art ideas.

Once you select the perfect image to print, you’ll have a choice of three finishes: Canvas, Metal, or Acrylic. Use our handy guide to find the right look for your wall art project.


Canvas wall art is a popular and truly versatile choice. These archival-quality prints add beautiful warmth, texture, and timeless style to any room. They look right at home in retro décor, rustic interiors, or minimalist, contemporary spaces. If you’re going for a classic, elevated look and feel, canvas prints are a great way to display your best creative work.

What is a canvas print?

We start with museum-grade canvas fabric in a 2-over-1 Oxford weave to ensure a textured, archival-quality finish. Your image is printed directly onto the canvas using inkjet printers, then each print is cure-dried to prevent color fading and finished with a semi-gloss coating for a hint of shine. Wrapping the printed canvas around a sturdy pine frame creates that classic, gallery-style look.

What kind of images are canvas prints good for?

Premium woven canvas lends a softness and warmth that is perfect for keepsake photography and artistic portraits. Canvas prints are also great for photos with a shallow depth of field (where only a small area of the image is in focus and the background is blurred). Abstract designs, landscapes, and illustrations take on a wonderful, painterly feel when printed on canvas.


Acrylic wall art puts your favorite work on center stage with a bold, glossy finish that catches the eye (and the light). When you’re in the mood to see vivid details and bright colors pop, sleek acrylic prints deliver in a dramatic way. These high-quality pieces can bring your walls to life and add a lively, contemporary touch to any home or professional workspace.

What is an acrylic print?

We use optically clear, premium photo-grade acrylic for durability and extra shine. Your image is printed directly onto an acrylic panel using inkjet printers and UV inks. Three backing panels are added to protect and preserve the image. Thanks to a fade-resistant UV flood coating, you’ll see long-lasting brilliant colors and image clarity. Your print comes ready to hang, so no frame is needed.

What kind of images are acrylic prints good for?

High-resolution photos look fantastic as acrylic prints, because all that crisp detail, depth, and authentic color really comes through. These life-like prints are a natural pick for documentary photography, landscapes and wildlife, travel photos, and portraits. The same goes for vibrant scenes with lots of movement (athletes, dancers, kids playing, animals, or bustling city life). Detailed illustrations and graphic designs also look stunning when printed on acrylic.


Metal wall art is designed to impress with radiant colors, rounded edges, and a lustrous finish. If you have an eye for contemporary décor or unique accent pieces, sleek metallic prints will fit right in. Use these gallery-quality prints to add a burst of brilliant color and modern style to the spaces you love—private dwellings, design studios, and beyond. See best your creative work in a whole new way.

What is a metal print?

We use a combination of heat and pressure to infuse your image into a radiant, ultra-thin aluminum panel with smooth, rounded edges. This thermal transfer process creates a vivid, crisp image with superior clarity. Using a wide print gamut and high-gloss coating also ensures color and authentic reproduction.

What kind of images are metal prints good for?

Try a metal finish for high-color photographs and designs. Vibrant hues and authentic details come to life beautifully on metal prints, whether your photo has a deep depth of field (a large area in focus) or a shallow depth of field (a small area in focus). Printing on metal can give portraits, landscapes, and travel photos a dramatic, modern edge. Geometric designs, abstract art, and dynamic illustrations also stand out as metal prints.

Ready to make your custom Wall Art? Choose the finish that fits your projects and get started.

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