Graphic design for outcasts. With the corporate control of the designer, it's time to ignore the world around us. We cannot fight trends. We cannot control what anyone else does, and we cannot fathom the grasp technology has on the planet. But we have control over our next step. We don't have to go along with any of this – this horrible moment in an industry that gave us so much. It was not our fault. We fell in love with something that brought joy to our everyday. We fell in love when our ordinary lives changed for the first time, and we became graphic designers.

Areas of Expertise

Going alone will not be easy. We won't be more popular; we will be less. We won't be more successful; we will be less. We won't be accepted; we will be ostracized. We will have to fight harder and constantly explain our rationale to a world that only wants to be the same. We will be the outcasts. The obscure. The obsolete. The outlaws against this sea of sameness. We will disagree with almost everyone, only allowing a select few to be a part of our microscopic world as we fight for our destinies

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