Jayme Tener

Prescott, AZ USA

Jayme Katha Tener AKA Blonde Haired Girl lives in the Ponderosa Pines of Prescott, AZ where she enjoys living and visiting with her adult children. She prefers small towns where she walks to farmer’s markets and thrift stores with her earphones in listening to an array of music from classical to hip hop. She started jotting anecdotal sentiments in 2005 and believed that one day she would write pieces of influence. In 2018 her life changed and she attempted to describe the events in her writing Blonde Haired Girl’s Mystical Summer. She uploaded many YouTube Videos @Blondehairedgirljkt, and Podcasts @Blonde Haired Girl To Go sharing her life as the experiment in the idea that she can create the life of her dreams. She has a master’s degree in counseling and has worked in social services for many years.

Books by Jayme Tener