CS Beaty

Omaha, Nebraska

C.S. BEATY is Christopher Scott Beaty, but when you meet him just call him Chris. His favorite author is C.S. Lewis, so he couldn’t resist. He writes nothing like Lewis, and Lewis definitely wouldn’t approve of all the cuss words. Chris’s favorite word is Beauty. Lewis’s was Joy. They’re kind of the same thing.

Chris lives in Omaha, Nebraska— the greatest City in the greatest State in the world. He has a wife that likes to cook, three kids that like to yell, and a dog that likes to dork. He collects tiki mugs, autographed hockey pucks, things with the word craft in them, and Batman Pez dispensers. He’s yet to do that ONE AMAZING THING, but he’s learning to be ok with that.

Stupid social media stuff that I hate:

The thing that used to be twitter: @CS_Beaty

The thing that is still instagram: @C.S. Beaty

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