Lysbeth Suzanne Daniel

Raleigh, NC

Lysbeth has a B.S. in Education from UNC Greensboro. Her lifetime love of literature, history and the sciences led to her hobby of Research. Originally from North Carolina, she spent her formative years exploring the world around her through writing, sports, photography, music, and art. She continued her explorations while she lived around the world, passing her love of understanding and being a part of the world on to her children. Today, when she isn’t at home researching and writing, Lysbeth can be found out in the world, engaged in photography, hiking, camping, experiencing nature, and listening.

"Regardless of how you listen, the one Truth is we are all responsible for creating World Peace. It begins with sharing knowledge. It begins with sharing Love. It's time 2 begin."

Books by Lysbeth Suzanne Daniel