The Bureau of Queer Art

Mexico City, Mexico

Art Gallery Studios exhibition programming strives to reduce the isolation of studio life which can strain and or strangulate the creative process. In the heart of Mexico City and a bustling zone of art fairs, studios, and thriving art market, Art Gallery Studios emphasizes ethical relationships between artists, curators, collectors, and fans from all over the world.

Art Gallery Studios is for emerging and experienced artists, designers, architects, curators, creatives, and researchers to pursue their creative endeavors. We do not discriminate based on age, level of experience, sexual orientation, gender identity, the genre of artistic expression, degrees held, or the myriad of other limitations that are used to define the creative expression and curation of shows. Creating opportunities with respect to the individual and community is our mission.

Areas of Expertise

Residency, Exhibition, Art Fairs, and Consultations

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