Jarret Kusick

Cannes, France

Jarret Todd Kusick, or better known in the art world as the enigmatic K_$ICK, embodies the essence of a maverick Creative Director at the helm of Hitman Creative Media Inc. since the dawn of the digital era in ‘99. Today, he’s not just crafting Identities; he’s orchestrating branding projects for global juggernauts and pioneering startups in the ever-evolving landscapes of Web3 and environmental conscientiousness.

Born in the land of maple syrup and kind folks, Vancouver Canada, in 1977, Jarret decided to lock it down early, tying the knot in ‘98. A decade later, he and the missus packed their bags and hopped over to Cannes, France, where he currenly lives. Why? Maybe it was the wine, or perhaps the allure of those French Riviera sunsets, or he went for the inspiration. Only he knows.

When he’s not busy designing in the corporate world or diving into the chaotic space of Web3, you might find him splashing paint on a canvas or penning down his thoughts into a book. Or two.

Books by Jarret Kusick