Abeni Moreno


Abeni Moreno is a southern California native, CSULB alumni and is the youngest of 6
children. Her love for writing began at just 10 years old but she didn’t pursue it as a
career until her late 20’s. “Dear Big Brother” is her first book in whom she has
dedicated to her only brother that helped create unforgettable memories of fun and
laughter while he experienced a troubled youth. Abeni wanted to display a new and
positive perspective of young Chicano men that didn’t include violence or gang
initiations. Her aim was to present a story that combats Latino stereotypes that very
seldom gets told in media, books or films. “Dear Big Brother” is a reflection of the
Chicano community and shows the reality that young Latino men are loving,
paternal and knowledgeable. Simultaneously, the book is also a letter to her brother
that explains that young Chicano men have always possessed these positive
characteristics even if society has told them otherwise. She has many projects for the future!

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