Jimmie Gray

Sherwood, Ar. 72120

J. Doyle Gray attended kindergarten through second grade at a two-room school in Emlyn, Kentucky. The school had kerosene lamps on the wall and a pot-bellied stove in each of the two rooms for heat. A major task for students throughout the winter days was to gather firewood. The author learned early on that being left-handed automatically made him an agent of the devil, and his first grade teacher was intent on casting out the evil spirit withl a sharp ruler to the back of the offensive hand. He also felt isolated when it was discovered that he was the only student without head lice. Oh happy day for him and extreme embarrassment to his Mother when she discovered nits (lice eggs) in his hair. He went on to earn two college degrees and command a United States Air Force nuclear weapons unit. He spent nearly 27 years evaluating the safety of nuclear weapon systems for the Air Force and NATO allied units. His greatest joy was spent teaching at Miami University and North Little Rock High.

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