Terry Lea

Dallas, TX

"Terry's Home Cooking" was my first book. I had started taking photo's of my food and decided that they were so pretty, I should write a cookbook. Little did I know what a job it was to become. I had previously wrote some older stories and decided to finally publish these stories. I found that my field of writing tends to lean towards children stories. "Flat Stanley-Super Hero" was because my Grand Nephew needed this for a school project. I really enjoyed being creative and writing this one. "Nicholas and the Christmas Gift" was just my idea for a little adventure and to spread cheer for children. "The Lost Garage" is more for tween's, it's a light refreshing take on romance. "One Texas Tale" is a short story written for my brother. I wrote this story completely around stickers, If I there had more stickers that story would have been longer. My favorite book "The Shoe Gobbler" was inspired by my Niece and her misplaced shoes.

Books by Terry Lea