Khaleel Muhammad


Khaleel Muhammad is one of the most established artists in the nasheed industry whose soulful voice and dynamic stage performances have made him an internationally known performer. With appearances in Germany, Sweden, Brussels, the USA, South Africa, France and Malaysia, Khaleel has produced four videos, three albums 'Heaven’, ‘Dhikr of Life' and 'The Adventures of Hakim
Khaleel is the author of the children's book 'Muslim All-Stars'. He has appeared in several television shows, adverts and the Disney film 'Cinderella". He is also a television presenter for IQRAA TV show 'One to One' and 'Khaleel's Make & Do’ show on British Muslim TV. He is the radio presenter of the 'Kids Round Show' and the 'Drive Time show' on Inspire 105.1 FM.
Khaleel is an accomplished designer/illustrator for children's books 'Allah's Amazing Messenger by S.J.Sear, 'Adams Adventures' by Maria Derissy and his own muslim superheroes book 'Millennium Five'.

Books by Khaleel Muhammad