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High-Volume projects

Lower your per-unit cost without taking up space in your garage. We do large-volume offset printing as well as warehousing and shipping. Consider Kickstarter for help with the financing.

Success Stories

  • Brooklyn Munch
    Brooklyn Munch by Corrine Couzzo
    Based on her popular blog, this book raised over $9000 in Kickstarter funding.
  • Landfill dogs
    Landfill dogs by Shannon Johnstone
    Donating the proceeds to animal rescue, this book had a nearly sold-out offset run.
  • Gluten Free Goddess
    Gluten Free Goddess by Karina Allrich
    Optimized for the ipad, this ebook took cookbooks to a new level and became a Blurb bestseller.
  • Memoirs of Nepal
    Memoirs of Nepal: Reflections Across a Decade (ebook) by John Paul Lederach
    Created by a renowned peace-builder and scholar, this ebook was an affordable showcase for a decade of important non-profit work.

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